… What’s In It For Me ?

Don’t most of us start there?

If you’re anything like me, most everything starts with the question… “What’s in it for me?”

Now you may be thinking that that’s a lousy philosophy. “This guy is really selfish” and I’m outta here.

If that’s you, then please stick with me and let me explain, because I’m NOT talking about selfishness.

What am talking about is embracing your self interest.

In other words, you have a reason for visiting this website.

What is your reason?

Keep that “reason” in mind as you review all the benefits you’ll gain from this web site and from me.

When you see your solution, stop immediately and contact me. (Yes stop immediately. Things come up and you may never find this website again. So take action now!)

So, right now, check out the sections below and I’ll reveal all my free trainings and current projects and keep your heart and intuition open for the opportunities you’ll discover for us to collaborate.

I look forward to us working together.

Best Regards,

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My Story…

I’m a Father, Grandfather (Papa), Internet Marketer, and a Computer Geek.

I play golf and I LOVE to travel.

I’m from Saskatchewan, Canada. I am a father and grandfather. ( please, don’t ask about my grandchildren… you’ll never hear the end of it ;) )

I’m actively involved in my church, I love to spend time with my grandchildren, I practice Tai Chi and I play golf (Actually, I think golf plays me more than the other way around).

I have worked in IT as a systems analyst, managed a fast-food restaurant and I’ve been involved in 6 traditional network marketing businesses since the mid 80’s.

I’ve been marketing my online businesses since April 2008.


Hypervantage Marketing Inc.

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Stacy Quinn LIMA Local Internet Marketing Association Hypervantage Marketing Inc. is a full-service internet marketing firm that partners with local businesses and entrepreneurs to generate more customers, sales and profits by getting their websites ranked high in the search engines when people are looking for what they have to offer.

Founder and CEO, Stacy Quinn began his internet marketing career in 2008 where he polished his skills running several internet-based direct sales and affiliate businesses.

Stacy is a proud member of the Local Internet Marketing Association (LIMA).

Stacy Quinn's Guide to Marketing Your Business Online

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In his book, “Stacy Quinn’s Guide to Marketing Your Business Online“, Stacy has taken internet marketing from A to Z and condensed it into an easy-to-read format that will teach business owners how to market their own businesses online.



MLM Lead Universe

The best online marketing system and training platform on the planet.

My online leads increased by 530% in just 3 months.

You will attract leads in a matter of weeks with this remarkable combination of  “ready-to-go”  marketing funnels that are also completely configurable and give you the flexibility to pretty much change everything to your liking.

That means that, with the simple, step-by-step, video based Setup Tutorials, the Marketing Boot Camp basic internet marketing training, Advanced Marketing Strategies and the Ongoing Training and Personal Support of the MLM Lead Universe team, you will finally have to tools and support you deserve to realize your dreams.

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Stacy Quinn 25 Pounds Lighter

Isagenix is a billion dollar health and wellness company.

Since the mid 80’s, I’ve been in 6 network marketing / direct sales companies and have found that ISAGENIX is by far the best.

Here are the 2 Most Compelling Reasons:

1. IT WORKS. I spent 4 1/2 years in the gym and the most I lost was 10 pounds. (and that didn’t last). In the first 6 six weeks of using Isagenix I had released 25 pounds. (and it has stayed off).

2. IT PAYS. Network marketing is an great business model. But there are products that are much better suited to the MLM model than others. Isagenix is a consumable product that appeals to both retail customers and business owners and it is ordered, consumed and re-ordered because it works.

Watch these short videos & see how Isagenix will help you…
Enterprising Women
Retire Wealthy with an Encore Career
Own Your Future
Transform Your Life
The Next Entrepreneurs
Wealth Revolution
Business Success Stories

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